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We are what we do day in and day out. Our classes offer a well rounded, balanced yet challenging approach to health and fitness. Our clients range from the athlete to beginner, so any fitness level is welcome to join us and get in a kick butt workout.   



One on one personal guidance to help you achieve serious results. Our personal training sessions are 50 minutes of training designed for your body and the goals you're training for. If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, or simply have hands on training, Personal Training is for you.

           Circuit Training

Circuit Training is an hour long class that works each muscle group in a variety of different ways. It  combines free weights, machines, TRX, bosu, body weight exercises and cardiovascular exercises in a structured class format. Classes are stategically designed by a personal trainer each week to get your body to respond to every workout. Michelle's Fitness Oasis circuit training classes are designed to give anyone from the beginner to the crazy fitness fanatic,  the workout your body needs to be challenged and see results!

           SPIN CLASS


Come join our awesome team of spin instructors for an hour of high energy cycling. Michelle's Fitness Oasis is one one the few studios in San Diego to offer spin bikes equipped with the Mpower computer console. These state of the art consoles allow the cyclist to monitor calories burned, mph, distance, watts, and  other key factors that help you to monitor your workout. Our spin classes are guaranteed to motivate you, make you sweat, and burn those unwanted  calories all while getting in an awesome  cardio session. Our spin classes are suitable for the beginner spinner to the advanced cyclist.



Thinking about training for a triathlon or any other outdoor fitness challenge? MFO has all the tools and experience to help you reach this goal. Our trainers are experienced and well accomplished in triathlon training, mud runs, fitness challenges and more!

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